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 Terms for subject Environment (5046 entries)
Abbau decomposition (The more or less permanent breakdown of a molecule into simpler molecules or atoms)
Abbau der Ozonschicht ozone layer depletion (The fragile shield of ozone is been damaged by chemicals released on earth. The main chemicals that are depleting stratospheric ozone are chlorofluorocarbons which are used in refrigerators, aerosols, and as cleaners in many industries, and halons, which are used in fire extinguishers. The damage is caused when these chemicals release highly reactive forms of chlorine and bromine. Over the past 30 years ozone levels over parts of Antarctica have dropped by almost 40% during some months and a "hole" in ozone concentrations is clearly visible in satellite observations)
Abbau von natürlichen Ressourcen degradation of natural resources (The result of the cumulative activities of farmers, households, and industries, all trying to improve their socio-economic well being. These activities tend to be counterproductive for several reasons. People may not completely understand the long-term consequences of their activities on the natural resource base. The most important ways in which human activity is interfering with the global ecosystem are: 1. fossil fuel burning which may double the atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration by the middle of the next century, as well as further increasing the emissions of sulphur and nitrogen very significantly; 2. expanding agriculture and forestry and the associated use of fertilizers (nitrogen and phosphorous) are significantly altering the natural circulation of these nutrients; 3. increased exploitation of the freshwater system both for irrigation in agriculture and industry and for waste disposal)
Abbaubarkeit degradability (The capacity of being decomposed chemically or biologically)
Abbauprodukt degradation product (Those chemicals resulting from partial decomposition or chemical breakdown of substances)
Abbruchmüll demolition waste (Masonry or rubble wastes arising from the demolition of buildings or other civil engineering structures)
Abbruchunternehmen demolition business (The activity of reducing buildings or other structures to rubble)
Abdeckung covering (No definition needed)
Abdichtung sealing (Luting, making watertight, waterproofing)
Abfackelung flaring (1. Flares use open flames during normal and/or emergency operations to combust hazardous gaseous. The system has no special features to control temperature or time of combustion; however, supplemental fuel may be required to sustain the combustion. Historically, flares have been used to dispose of waste gases in the oil and gas industry and at wastewater treatment plants having anaerobic digestors. Regulation for thermal destruction of hazardous wastes limit the practical use of flaring to combustion of relatively simple hydrocarbons, such as methane from digesters or landfill gas collection systems. 2. A control device that burns hazardous materials to prevent their release into the environment; may operate continuously or intermittently, usually on top a stack)
Abfall waste (Material, often unusable, left over from any manufacturing, industrial, agricultural or other human process; Material damaged or altered during a manufacturing process and subsequently left useless)
Abfallabgabe waste charge (Imposed fee, expense, or cost for the management of refuse or unwanted materials left over from a manufacturing process)
Abfallablagerung dumping (The discarding of waste in any manner, often without regard to environmental control)
Abfallagerung waste storage (Temporary holding of waste pending treatment or disposal. Storage methods include containers, tanks, waste piles, and surface impoundments)
Abfallart type of waste (A grouping by type of unusable material left over from any process)
Abfallassimilationsfähigkeit waste assimilation capacity
Abfallaufkommen waste income (The total amount of refuse or unusable material that enters a process or system)
Abfallbehälter waste bin (A container for litter, rubbish, etc.)
Abfallbehandlung waste treatment (Any process or combination of processes that changes the chemical, physical or biological composition or character of any waste or reduces or removes its harmful properties or characteristics for any purpose)
Abfallbehandlungsabwasser waste treatment effluent (Partially or completely treated water or waste water flowing out of a waste treatment plant)