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 Terms for subject Microsoft (3428 entries)
-do icyo gukora
-Do Bar Umwanya w'ibigomba gukorwa
2-in-1 (A computer that has properties both of a tablet and a laptop) 2-muri-1
3-D column chart (A column chart subtype that compares data points along two axes) imbonerahamwe y'inkingi 3-D
3-D effect (A diagramming capability that shows charts in three dimensions) imiterere 3-D
3-D reference (A reference to a range that spans two or more worksheets in a workbook) indanga 3-D
3D display controller (A display controller that supports 3D operations) Ingenzura igaragaza 3D
abstract (A short summary of the contents of a document that gives the reader a quick overview of its topic and purpose) incamake
accent color (A color that affects the background and system controls throughout the new Windows user interface) ibara rishimangiye
access (To gain entry to memory in order to read or write data) kwinjira
access key (Any combination of keys that must be pressed sequentially) buto y'ibusamo
access point (A device used to connect wireless computers and other wireless devices to a wired network) aho binjirira
account (A set of attributes that define a user's access to a given service or application) konti
account domain (A Windows NT domain that holds user account data) indangarubuga ya konti
account picture (A graphical representation that's associated with a user account for Windows and Windows Live) ishusho rya konti
action (A unit of work that is represented to users in the form of buttons, links, and menu items) igikorwa
action button (A ready-made button that the user can insert into his/her presentation and define hyperlinks for) buto y'igikorwa
action query (A query that copies or changes data) ikibazo gikora
action statement (The smallest executable entity within a programming language) amabwiriza y'igikorwa
active document (The document in which you are working) inyandiko ifunguye