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Dictionaries in this section are fully functional
However, dictionary size is limited compared to the full version that can be ordered online.


Multilingual Multitran for Windows


Number of entries

Demo version Full version
English-Russian-English 1.000.000 4.300.000
German-Russian-German 400.000 1.800.000
French-Russian-French 150.000 700.000
Spanish-Russian-Spanish 70.000 400.000
Ducth-Russian-Dutch 30.000 120.000
Italian-Russian-Italian 67.000 270.000
Estonian-Russian-Estonian 26.000 105.000
Latvian-Russian-Latvian 25.000 102.000

downlaod demo-version
(100 Мб)

English-Russian-English Multitran for Windows

2.000 terms (2 Mb)
400.000 terms (31 Mb)
1.000.000 terms (63 Mb)

English transcriptions (copy to Multitran directory network\English)
Dictionary for Pocket PC
Dictionary for Linux
Dictionary for OS Symbian

Russian morphology DLL (1.5 Мб)
Morphology database
Morphology analysis DLL
Usage example (Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 project)
Installation and usage

Visual C++ libraries  (800 Kb)

Russian words with forms: (80.000 words)

Russian words and phrases for different subjects (6 Mb)
Contains lists of 1.200.000 Russian words and phrases for 200 subjects

Russian and English words (0.5 Mb) Contains 160.000 Russian words (0.5 Mb) Contains 150.000 English words

Russian words containing letter 'ё' (50 Kb) Contains about 12.000 Russian words with letter 'ё'